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Did you know we have 2 nurses and are in the process of hiring another nurse?

I'm not going to go indepth about our medical program today but I am going to highlight that we have a fantastic medical initiative in Hope 4 Liberia. Besides caring for our own orphaned children, we are in the process of launching a pediatric satelite clinic in the nearby village. 50% of children under 5 years old often die from things that are preventive or treatable. Our nursing department is one of the blessings and strengths of our ministry.

Jami serves as the nursing supervisor of Hope 4 Liberia orphanage ministry. She oversees our nurses and our satellite pediatric medical program at nearby villages.

Would you join with Jami in prayer and financially as she strives to improve medical care and the health conditions of Liberian children?

Would you consider a gift of any amount to help us as we get the new ministry launched?

If you appreciate the work Jami and our nurse, Nathaniel, is doing, please leave a comment for them below.

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