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Nurses in Action

When I say that God has blessed us with an amazing team, it’s truly an understatement.

When the Lord unexpectedly opened up a door for my mom, Kelly Wagner, to speak about Hope 4 Liberia to a church in Ohio. We had no idea what would become of it, we merely trust God with the outcome. We certainly didn’t imagine that there was a nurse sitting in that congregation who answered God’s call and is now with us in Liberia. Jami, who has been a practicing RN for the past 13 years, is such an incredible gift to our team, especially with our own Liberian nurses. They have been eagerly soaking in her every word and it’s been a joy to watch them desire to grow and learn in their field of expertise.

On Monday, January 30th, Jami and the nurses went to our storage facility and took inventory of all of our medical supplies. They also spent time going around Monrovia pricing medical equipment to possibly buy in the future.

Tuesday was spent with fun, hands-on training sessions for the nurses, led by Jami. It was entertaining to say the least when Nathaniel fully committed himself to the role of the patient when he “fainted” flat out on the floor. 😆

Even Rebecca's precious 4 month old baby got to try out the new stabilizer boards!

Jami taught on the use of the AED machine, CPR, transporting injured patients using a stabilizer board, and other emergency medical training.

The main objective of the training was to give the nurses knowledge on how to stabilize a child in an emergency situation until they are able to reach the nearest hospital.

You may not be aware but there is no 911 or ambulatory services in Liberia. It’s not uncommon at all for an injured person in critical condition to be transported by motorbike because it’s the fastest or sometimes only option. We desire for our children to have the best possible chance at living a wonderful, healthy life. We also understand that, unfortunately, unexpected things do happen and we want to be as prepared as possible.

Thank you, Jami, for all that you have done for our team and the time that you sacrificed to come be with us and help out the ministry! We look forward to future partnership with you!

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