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Three Weeks of Joy: Witnessing God's Blessings at Hope 4 Liberia

Praise the LORD for His bountiful goodness towards our ministry. H4L exists to bring glory to God by catering to the needs of double orphaned children in Liberia. In this blog we want to share with you the incredible experiences at the orphanage since the children were brought in three weeks ago. See! It's already THREE weeks now, and the experience feels like day-one. We cannot have enough of it.

The atmosphere at the home is still full with excitement, expectation, and enthusiasm! The months, and weeks, and days preceding the coming of our children were characterized by lots of preparation on the parts of our team. We were excited that we could finally have the children at their new home. We understood the world God was about to take each of these little ones from, and the world He was about to bring them into. The former is marked by desperation, brokenness, and profound impoverishment. When we finally brought the kids home, another layer of excitement was added to the already existing atmosphere.

Every day, we are delighted by the early morning smiles on the children's beautiful faces, filled with excitement from a good night's sleep on a foam mattress, under a warm blanket, and with a comfortable pillow, eagerly anticipating a warm breakfast. This is an experience they have never had before.

Noon only intensifies the children's radiant smiles when they are served a bowl of rice, deliciously prepared with a Liberian soup. Who doesn't enjoy the "fingers" of Auntie Favor (our chef, Priscilla)?

More than the excitement of having a warm bed to sleep in, and of being fed at least three meals daily, our children feel blessed by having a family of men and women at the home that they look can up to as fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and godly role models; a family that always reminds them of God's love for them and how unique they are in His sight.

When we ask the kids every night to share testimonies during devotion time, a recurring phrase is always this: "I thank God for..." And that's it for all of them - grateful hearts. "I thank God for the people who can cook for us.? "I thank God for the people who can wash our clothes." 'I thank God for helping us to learn everything they teach us.” If these kids can be so grateful what's more about us as their parent figures? We are more grateful to God for blessing us with them!

We are excited for having these kids, for we know that God has good plans for their lives. Every day that dawns we have this constant reminder that God has entrusted them into our care so that we can help them grow up to become the individuals God wants them to be. This call comes with daily challenges, but also with daily blessings. We thank God for the enthusiasm He gives to our team every day to get the work done.

Please keep us all in your prayers. The children are still adapting as are the staff. Our desire is to bring glory to God in everything we do here at the Hope 4 Liberia village compound!

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