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Thriving Through The Torrents

We are in the Raining Season in Liberia; it is the time of the year when the country experiences the torrential equatorial rainfall with an average annual measure of 98.4 inches. In fact, Liberia is listed among the top 10 countries of the world with the highest rainfall. Some days it falls five hours uninterrupted and other days even more. This is a blessing to a country with more than 50% of its inhabitants surviving on subsistence farming. However, it poses some major challenges to the country in terms of the deplorability of major roads and terrible network connectivity.

At our orphanage home, we remain grateful to God for the rain which is a tremendous blessing to our garden projects.  We are also faced with a major challenge. The rain is washing away the surface soil in the yard, thus causing erosion and undermining the fence around the home. Our maintenance crew is finding a short-term solution by filling erosions with rocks and mud, and using bamboos to block waterways around the fence. In the long run, we want the entire yard to be covered with lawn. Thus, a few months ago we embarked on planting grass. Join us in prayer that the short-term solution works well for us during this raining season; and also that our lawn will grow.

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