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The Plan

After several years of doing general orphan aid & establishing a trustworthy, quality Liberian team, we are moving into a new season of ministry.

We are all about changing the trajectory of orphans who are destined for poverty, loneliness and hopeless by providing them with a home, education and, most importantly, giving them eternal hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.  We are turning their lives around, enabling them to pass on a new legacy to future generations.


We plan to purchase 6 acres for the home, growing food and raising livestock to eat.  It will be necessary for us to build a security fence around the property.  Shortly after, we will install a well with a hand pump.

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Multipurpose Building

This building will serve as a k-12 school, church, gymnasium, and medical dispensary. This will temporarily serve as the foster home for 20 children, until enough funds are raised to build the home.  

The high school will be a vocational technical school, teaching the students skills to enable them to learn a trade for future employment as well as contributing economically to the community.

The Home

Our foster home will function as much like a family as possible... Family devotions, meal times together, etc...

Both sides include wardrobes for each child and bathrooms with showers as well as a bedroom for caretakers.  The central part is a community living room, a kitchen and a security office.

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Dorm Inside.jpeg