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The Plan

God has answered prayer for us!  

We are in the process of purchasing 10 acres in Montserrado County, where the capital of Monrovia is located.  We've been searching for land that is good quality for farming and a relatively safe community.  The price of the land is affordable and the Lord has provided for it!  We are excited to see what God is going to do next as we begin raising funds for the foster home.


We plan to purchase 6 acres for the home, growing food and raising livestock to eat.  It will be necessary for us to build a security fence around the property.  Shortly after, we will install a well with a hand pump.

concrete blocks.jpg

Multipurpose Building

School/Library/Gymnasium/Church/Medical Dispensary

This is a rough draft of the first structure to be built.  Once the well and this building are complete, we will be able to move our 20 children to the home!  The children will temporarily sleep in the school classrooms until the two dorms are built. 

The Home

Our foster home will function as much like a family as possible... Family devotions, meal times together, etc...

Both sides include wardrobes for each child and bathrooms with showers as well as a bedroom for caretakers.  The central part is a community living room, a kitchen and a security office.

Orphanage Front.jpeg
Dorm Inside.jpeg