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The Plan


Our vision is to develop an orphanage community...girls & boys home, medical clinic, church, and school.  We desire to develop 5 acres to raise food and small livestock to feed the staff and children.  

Long term, we are working toward becoming self-sufficient through farming a large acreage.  More details below.


We have recently purchased 10 acres of prime agricultural land for our future foster home community.  We will grow our own food and raise livestock to eat. 

We will install a well on the property.


The girl's home will be comprised of a kitchen, livingroom, bathrooms, head mother's room, nurse's treatment room and laundry utility room.

In Progress!

Our boy's home will have an outdoor kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and a head mother's room.


In Progress

Purchase 100 Acres for Agriculture


It is our vision that our Hope 4 Liberia orphanage community become self-sufficient during the next 10 years.  In a move to do that, we desire to purchase 100 acres to develop cash crops.  With God's help, we will do so.

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Updated November 9, 2023

Monthly Support Base

Our children will be moving in to the orphanage in November!  

We have a target budget of $15,000/month.  You can check back here monthly to see the progress

There's much that goes into the monthly budget:

  • Housing

  • Running a farm (produce & livestock)

  • Diapers & Groceries

  • Nurses on Site

  • Transportation

  • School Curriculum

  • Teachers

  • Maintenance Workers

  • Security Guards and Gear

  • Many other misc things


We'd love to hear from you

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