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Winnie is Walking!

This sweet little 4 year old girl, Winnie, was born with bilateral clubfoot and leg deformities. Her diagnosis is arthogryposis multiplex congenita. She has never been able to walk and has learned to drag herself along the ground on her hands. In the dry season, she drags through dust and in the wet, through mud. Her grandmother, Lucy, does her best for Winnie but in a country like Liberia, it is tough enough for the able-bodied, let alone those with a disability.

Hope 4 Liberia had the opportunity to be a part of helping to change Winnie's life. We were made aware of Winnie's situation through some Australian missionaries. An orthopedic surgeon was visiting Liberia from the USA. He was willing to perform surgery on Winnie to enable her to bear weight on her legs eventually, rather than dragging herself on the ground. All that was needed yet was funding for the surgery.

We have a wonderful support team. We put Winnie's condition before them. The Lord worked in a beautiful way and used our ministry to enable her to have the operation. To date, she is still healing and beginning to learn to walk using crutches. Thank you for making a difference for this precious girl.

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