Staff Highlight: Prince Droh

On today‘s blog post we are featuring Prince Droh. He was the Orphanage manager and father figure to the children of the home and played an invaluable part in our Hope 4 Lib team. The kids grew to love “Uncle Prince“, as he was called, and he made a big impact on their hearts and lives. Managing 30 children isn’t for the faint of heart and we’re so grateful that Prince chose to step up wholeheartedly into that role, instructing them daily in the Lord and showing them love and guidance through their everyday activities.

Prince answered some questions down below so that each of you can get to know him a little better. 🙂

1. What are you most passionate about?

“I’m most passionate about raising a godly family where I will love my wife and children so dearly, leading them in the growth and fear of the Lord.”

2. When did you surrender your live to Christ?

“I surrendered my life to Christ completely in 2013, though I was a superficial Christian, going to church prior to my surrender. It was a wonderful experience that I cannot forget. Thank God, I’m saved by His amazing grace.”

3. What do you enjoy doing?

“I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with people, especially the gospel.”

4. Name a time in life that you sensed God’s presence was real with you.

“I have being sensing God’s presence with me many times from the very beginning, since I surrendered my life to Christ up to now. But I want to highlight the time I surrendered my life to Him. It was a fair and very cool day in the year 2013 when I was in my room trying to relax. I began to hear the Holy Spirit speaking into my heart, telling me that “Do you know when you end up living in sin, you will go to hell?” The Spirit of the Lord continued to show me pictures and videos in my mind of how people who ended their lives in sin are in great agony and pain in hell. I heard a voice saying that this is where you will end up if you continue in sinful life till the end of your life, too. I was broken and convicted in my room and began to ask the Lord for mercy and forgiveness as I lamented for my sin. God heard my prayer and saved me. Hallelujah, I’m saved!”

I hope you enjoy getting a window into a bit of behind-the-scenes on who is behind Hope 4 Liberia! There will be more from other staff members down the road so stay tuned! 😀

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