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Staff Highlight: Emmanuel Baidoo

Today, for our staff highlight, I would like to introduce to you, Emmanuel Baidoo, our Activity Program Director! We’re so thankful that he eagerly agreed to become part of Hope 4 Liberia when the opportunity came for him to serve.

Emmanuel is the life of the party, he loves to laugh and make others laugh, whether that’s through playful teasing or pranks. He won’t hesitate when challenged to an arm-wrestling match because he would never pass up the opportunity to prove his strength. ;) But on the other side, he has a tender, caring spirit and a natural, loving presence with the children. His love and passion for them and this ministry is apparent in everything that he puts his hands to.

All in all, he’s an all-around great guy and has proved to be a big blessing to our team!

1. Emmanuel, what are you most passionate about?

“I am most passionate about teaching, but particularly teaching kids.”

2. When did you surrender your life to Christ?

“December 2018. I was invited by a friend to a national retreat where they were holding a 3–5- day crusade. The message of salvation came and I felt convicted; I knew it was my time and I gave my life to Christ and since then I have been walking with Him.”

3. What do you enjoy doing?

“There are a lot of things that I enjoy. Some of them include playing soccer, reading, especially Scripture, and I love helping people very much. I also love to tease and pick on people as well.” Lol

4. Name a time in your life that you sensed God’s presence was real with you.

“I remember a time when I was really down and discouraged, feeling hurt and angry. I took my

Bible and read 3 or so chapters in Corinthians. After reading the Word and praying, something

happened and I felt calm. I was able to work through my pain and what I was struggling with. I

clearly felt that God’s presence was with me in that moment.”

5. What part of Hope 4 Liberia do you enjoy doing most?

“Just being with the kids is always great. Having them around, teaching them, loving them and also being together with the team. I guess you could say, pretty much every part of the ministry that I am able to be involved in.” :)

6. Since coming on board Hope 4 Liberia, what stands out to you as a particularly rewarding moment?

“It would be the moment I received my position to be the Activity Director. That opportunity blew me away and I couldn’t believe that I was asked. I will never forget that.

Also, having the entire Hope 4 Liberia team together, which included the American team side, this past year in fellowship was a great moment."

Thank you so much, Emmanuel, for all that you do to contribute to Hope 4 Liberia and for serving with your whole heart.

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