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Staff Highlight: Abba Blah

Every Friday, I will be introducing to you more of our staff members, the ones behind helping to make Hope 4 Liberia a success.

Today, I am featuring Mr. Abba Blah, our Agricultural Manager. Besides being a good and trusted friend, Abba also is our very competent driver and body guard for us three American women, helping us navigate the country and always taking our safety into highest consideration. We have shared many good memories and laughs with Abba over the years and wouldn’t know what to do without him. 😊

1. Abba, what are you most passionate about?

“I am most passionate about serving God and humanity in any way that I can.”

2. When did you surrender your life to Christ?

“It was 1994. My late father was a pastor and my mother was a missionary within the church so I grew up in the church. Every day and night we would have devotions together and so that is how I learned of the Lord. So, in 1994 I gave my life to Christ and began to serve Him for myself.”

3. What do you enjoy doing?

“I enjoy being around people, especially those who encourage me in my walk with God. I also love being with children, even more so since knowing you people and joining Hope 4 Liberia. I find that I am drawn to children everywhere that I go. I just love to be with them and spend time playing around with them.”

4. Name a time in life that you sensed God’s presence was real with you.

“I feel that God’s presence is always with me. I can’t think of just one particular instance to share. Looking back at many different circumstances in my life I have always felt that He was with me. I am here by the grace of God.”

5. Are you looking forward to being the agricultural manager of H4L?

“Yes, I am. That is one of the reasons I am intending to go and finish my studies in agriculture. I want to be able to use this knowledge to better help Hope 4 Liberia.”

6. How did you become interested in agriculture?

“I was born in a village and I grew up farming and around farmers; it was my life. When I graduated high school, with encouragement from my father, I decided to study agriculture. I am hoping to resume my studies in August of 2023 when my current work contract is over. I have 4-5 semesters until I am completely finished.”

7. What do you want to raise, as far livestock and food?

“While I was studying agriculture, we learned about different cash crops that we could consider growing such as, Bitterball, peppers, cabbage, collard greens and rice. Cattle, sheep and pigs are also common livestock to have.”

Thank you, Abba, for taking time to answer these questions!

Make sure to join us back here next Friday!

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