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Spring Up a Well

Updated: Jan 20

Things are happening and we have so much to praise the Lord for!

We praise God for providing the land this year. We also praise Him for using our ministry as a conduit to provide a future foster care community.

In the past several months, we've had a survey team come and mark off the corners of our property, as well as take soil samples, which is what they're doing in this video below.

Two days before Christmas, we began clearing 5 of the 10 acres to build our new facility and now that is all completed. And let me just tell you, it just keeps getting better! We are currently in the process of putting in a well! Just this past week we hit water, 12 feet down!! We are so excited for progress being made and things taking shape, slowly but surely! Check out what's going at the well site with these pictures and videos taken by our Administrator, Pastor Charles Saywon.

Below, you will see Abba planting our first crop on the land: Coconut trees!

Here’s an interesting fact that we learned during one of our stays in Liberia. did you know that coconut trees take 6-10 years to start producing but do not reach peak production for 15-20 years! Well naturally, you might wonder how long they live for, right? This part was news for me. They have a lifespan of 60-70 years! Isn’t that amazing?

Now you know some fun facts about the coconut tree and understand why Abba chose to plant them right away. You have to get a head start for something like this!

God continues to move and provide and it is so amazing to see! Your continued prayers and support make such a difference in this ministry. We couldn't do it without each and every one of you that give so selflessly.

I pray that as you see how the Lord is able to accomplish so much across the other side of the world, it will build and strengthen your own faith and trust in His ability to meet you right where you are! He is forever faithful and will never forsake His own. I am daily reminded of that as this ministry grows and expands in ways we never imagined. He is good!

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