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Our Newest Recruit: Sampson Dugbah

Hello, Everyone!

Today, I am excited to introduce to you Sampson Dugbah, who is a member of our Liberian based Hope 4 Liberia team!  Sampson has worked as a volunteer for our ministry for some time now but now has been given an official title! He is apprenticing as the Liberian Social Media Asst. Manager! He will be training under Shannon Rogers, who is an American professional multimedia creator and will be joining us on our upcoming trip to Liberia! We are so excited about this new addition to the ministry!

Sampson is a man whose heart is on fire for the Lord and for ministry and we feel blessed to have him with us. He loves people and has a passion for ministering through his gift of singing and playing the piano as well. Sampson is serious about his faith but has no problem joining in on our fun and laughter when we’re all together and so makes a great addition to the team!

We are looking forward to seeing Sampson grow and develop his skills in the area!

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