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National Emergency Declared…

One of the reasons why Hope 4 Liberia does what it does…

In September 2020, the Liberian president declared rape a National Emergency.

“Sexual violence against women increased by 50% in Liberia during the pandemic. The Ministry of Justice recorded more than 600 reported rape cases between January and June alone, a rate close to reaching annual levels. Liberia recorded 803 rape cases in 2015, according to a UN report.”

We are trying to raise boys who respect and protect girls and later women and we are also trying to train girls to be discreet, wary of their surroundings and modest in dress; to do their part in prevention. these children are precious and moldable. What a significant and meaningful calling the supporters of our ministry and our team members have. I am so blessed to be in ministry with you all—-you know who you are.😊❤️

We are all about providing hope and healing for the next generation.


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