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Mystery Island: Vacation Bible School

One of the highlights for me (Ashley) on this last trip to Liberia in November, was getting to lead a 5-day Vacation Bible school at the Home for all the children. This was something that the kids had never had the opportunity to experience before which made it even more fun and special and also something that stretched me, because this was my first time leading a VBS. The theme was Answers in Genesis’ Mystery Island and we were so grateful to a local church family of ours who donated their materials and fun decorations for us to use. We hung up colorful lanterns and streamers in the porch area, put up posters and had fun finding places to hide special clues around the room for the children to help solve some “mysteries.” We all donned on our island leis and turned that small room into the best mystery island that we knew how!

I am thankful for the team that helped make this time such a success. Prince and Tony spent time before we arrived in Liberia, teaching the children the VBS songs and actions and they did so good!

The children enthusiastically sang and did the motions to each and every one, proudly showing CeCe and I how well they knew them. After the songs were sung, and we were able to catch our breath from all the jumping around, we went through our memory verses for each day and I was so delighted to see how quickly they soaked up the Word of God and how eager they were to memorize it. I led them in the lessons with Prince and Tony helping to interpret for me when needed. Through the stories, our daily Bible verses and special animal pals located throughout the “Island” they learned more about God’s power and love in their life. They listened so attentively, asking questions and answering confidently when they knew the answers, which was quite often, and I prayed that they were able to grow more in their understanding of the Jesus who loves and cares for them so much.

CeCe led the children in daily science experiments which everyone absolutely loved participating in. At one point in the middle of a particular activity, CeCe and I looked at each other and laughed, instantly regretting not taking the experiment outside. The children were in the process of taking water out of bowls with little cups and dumping water into various brands of diapers, as you will see in the video, soaking the floor, table and children involved. It made for lots of laughs for all of us.

Because we were all so heavily involved with the VBS, we didn’t get as many good pictures and videos that I would have liked to be able to show you but sit back and enjoy the ones that I have to share here! I hope these clips bring a smile to your face as much as they do to mine.

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