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Here I Am, Lord. Use Me.

When Hope 4 Liberia began, we had no idea where funds would come from, who all would be involved or where to even really start; we simply acted upon the calling that God placed upon our lives, trusting that He would provide. And He has…again and again in ways that we couldn’t have possibly imagined! He’s used people all over the States and across the world, from family to complete strangers and Hope 4 Liberia just keeps growing!

Today, I wanted to highlight some of my family in Oklahoma who put on a fundraiser for our ministry! The youth of Light and Hope Christian church, headed by Jennita Wagner, put a lot of time and effort into getting involved. Setting up in the church parking lot, they put out their homemade cookies as well fresh cut French fries and I’d say it was a hit! The grand total of money raised was $570! Not only that, but each customer went away with a flyer that held information about the orphanage which is more seeds planted in the hearts of others!

We felt so blessed to have this group of young people jump in to become part of what God is doing in Liberia for these precious orphans.

You can become part of what we’re doing as well. It could be as simple as donating clothing, which you’ll find more information about on our Facebook page, or maybe leading a bake sale like Jennita did, or a garage sale like our local church put on! We also have friends and family in Oklahoma who are using their talent to sew beautiful dresses for girls that the only decent “dress” they had was a faded and torn, oversized t-shirt.

I don’t want to give it away, but we have very close friends of ours in Australia, who are also faithful supporters, who have done something pretty special to raise money to support the ministry. You’ll find out what that is on our next post!

It might sound like a lot, but all we’re really looking for is people who are willing to be used by God to bless children halfway across the world with the gift of life and hope!

The truth is, it doesn’t have to look like what anyone else had done because God has given everyone different gifts and talents. He just asks that we use them for His glory!

So, what might that look like for you? What gifts has God given you that could possibly be used to help further His kingdom in West Africa, Liberia? Are you willing to say, "Here I am, Lord. Use me."?

I can assure you, it's an exciting journey to be used by God and we'd love to have you on our team!!

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