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Depraved Indifference

This. Few things express my heart for the orphans of Liberia, all around the world really, like this video. Liberia is where God has called me. I have such a passion and a love, beyond my own understanding, for the people of this broken, war-torn country. How can it even be? I have no other explanation than to say it is from my heavenly Father. I pray that my heart is broken with the things that break His heart. I pray that for you as well.

This 8-minute short movie is worth every second of viewing.

Share this post on your Facebook walls, in an email or in a text to someone. This is why Hope 4 Liberia does what it does.

Click on this link to view it.

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Let's give this a try again. The links weren't functioning yesterday. Please help us share this! #hope4liberia

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