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Crossgate Church Kids Wage War for Liberia!

Change for Liberia! That is what we asked for and that is what we got! Wednesday night kids church at Crossgate rose to the challenge when asked to bring spare change for Hope 4 Liberia and boy, did they ever!

Our ministry fundraiser, Amy Stephens, initiated a Penny War for a unique and fun way to get the kids involved in what we’re doing. A Penny War is a game that involves two teams who are both trying to collect the most pennies. What makes this a fun challenge is that you can put your opponents team in negative by giving them quarters, nickels, or dimes, and then that team has to come up with that equal amount of value in pennies to get back into the positive again. You can imagine how this makes the kids pretty competitive!

In one short month, kindergarten through sixth graders collected almost $100! One team alone brought over $50!!! Great job, Crossgate Kids! We are so thankful to be teaching children in the US about children in Liberia!

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