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“Auntie Ashley, please Boboe me!”

Updated: Feb 4

These words were some of the most sweet and tiring words a particular child at the orphanage said to me repeatedly. The word “Boboe” was a slang version of a word in Koloqua that meant the child wished to be held or carried on your back. Little Princess, who was a petite little sweetheart would ask this of me often…meaning, pretty much every time she saw me. Like the rest of those precious children, she was starved for love and affection and I couldn’t help but give it to her, even at the expense of a tired back and aching arms. 😉

From the moment I met 5 year old

Princess, she stole my heart with her large brown eyes that twinkled when she smiled and her cute little voice and adorable giggle. She didn’t waste time in making sure she was never far from my side no matter what was going on. I learned to master the art of walking around with several children’s arms encircling my waist and little Princess doing her best to squeeze in among them, wrapping her small arms around my leg. That’s when the request would come in, “Auntie Ashley, please Bobo me!” And so I would kneel down and hoist her little body up on my back and I’d carry her around the yard, until, much to her dismay I had to put her down. I knew though that it wouldn’t be long before I’d feel a tug at my skirt again there she’d be, waiting for another ride.

At one time I got the special treat of getting to carry her around “Liberian style” which meant she was tied to my back with a piece of fabric and let me tell you, my arms and back thanked me for that short break! CeCe sharedthis same experience with me and we both marveled at how much easier their way was! 😆

Another memory, that brings a smile to my face is the time when I was teaching several children their school work and she promptly came over and without saying a word, laid herself across my lap. She used her legs to push mine into a rocking motion and proceeded to put herself to sleep. You can see this in the picture below. It was the sweetest thing. 🥰

I felt privileged to have been able to give her just a little bit of the love and attention she so desperately needed and deserved and I can’t tell you how hard it was to leave her. I watched as tears rolled down her face when I told her I had to go back home. It tore me to pull her arms from around my neck and walk away as tears came to my own eyes. I knew she was in the best of care at the Home but it was still hard because I was leaving pieces of my heart, and one of them belonged to this precious little Princess. ❤️

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